Zachary Coleman


Zachary Coleman


Paiste Artist Since
April 2017

United States

Main Affiliation

„I never hesitate to tell people that Paiste makes the best cymbals available. Whether I’m nerding out over their new cymbals with Dave Witte or talking to fans at shows, people immediately notice how good these cymbals sound. It’s a real pleasure to capture the nuance of them in studio as to also bash them at a live show and show off their full power.“



Zach Coleman currently plays drums in the doomed rock n’ roll outfit Khemmis, black/death group Black Curse, and punk/metal outfit Go Ahead and Die. He began playing drums when he was 13 years old, taking lessons for several years before forming a punk band with friends. For the next 13 years he played in various metal bands before joining Khemmis in 2012. Khemmis put out their first album, Absolution, on 20 Buck Spin in 2015 and earned recognition from Decibel Magazine, Pitchfork, NPR ,and Apple Music, among others. In just over a year, Khemmis returned with Hunted. Hunted has received widespread critical acclaim, including recognition from a number of respected outlets such as Decibel Magazine (Album of the Year), Rolling Stone (#11), Apple Music, Metal Injection, and many more. Black Curse released their debut album, Endless Wound, via Sepulchral Voice Records in 2020 to critical acclaim. Go Ahead and Die will release their debut record in 2021 via Nuclear Blast Records. After playing old-out shows across the USA and Europe, Khemmis will return to Europe in 2021 for several tours. Black Curse will be playing Beyond the Gates festival in 2021, and Go Ahead and Die will be hitting Europe for the first time in 2021.

Setup Cymbals

  • Details

    Sizes: 18", 19", 20"
    Volume: Loud
    Weight: Heavy

    Sound character: Bright, warm, full, powerful. Medium wide range, clean mix. Heavy feel. Cutting, explosive attack. Strong, full, clear crash sound with even fade. An extremely powerful, sturdy cymbal for high volume playing.

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