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February 2020


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My name is Yussef Oke Millán, and although I was born in the city of Cartagena (Colombia), my family is Arab and Israeli. I started playing drums when I was 8 years old in the Christian Church where I grew up; It was until I was 13 years old, when I continued doing it but now in a more professional way with Christian music groups. After finishing my high school studies, I went to live in Naples FL for a time, where I continued playing in the church. Upon returning to Colombia, I settled in the city of Medellín (where I currently live, at 33 years of age). Here I have had the opportunity to play alongside various national and international artists, between their different genres and countries. I love my job and I enjoy it even more when people profit from what I do. I am passionate and I believe in music as a means to unite us all. Music for me is not only what I do, but everything that I am; I think that music is that place where we all manage to coincide sometime. And it is precisely there, in that “place” where with my drums I have found my own style and I have been able to build a versatile profile across different genres. I am currently the drummer of PISO21: Colombian group of urban Pop (@ piso21 - instagram), with more than 7,000,000 subscribers on YouTube and millions of followers on all social networks. Together, we have been in more than 35 countries around the world. In addition, I was part of DGroup, Arts & Entertainment, for more than 13 years where I held the position of Director and drummer of the Banda de Kukaramakara Medellin; I am now Music Director and Drummer at Fest Event Lab (own company).