Tommi Rautiainen


Tommi Rautiainen


Paiste Artist Since
February 1997


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PAISTE CYMBALS - Masters Ride Comparison (Tommi Rautiainen)


Tommi Rautiainen started playing snare drum at the age of 10. He studied his first six years with Finnish snare drum master Risto Skrikberg, then 4 years in Conservatoire of Tampere and from 1991-1994 at Manhattan School of Music with John Riley. After Manhattan School of Music his freelance career began and he has done over 5,000 sessions for different artists in Finland and Internationally. Rautiainen is international endorser for PAISTE Cymbals, Vic Firth Sticks and SAARI Drums. He received his Masters Degree from Sibelius Academy's Jazz Department. Tommi have been lately regular sub for UMO Jazz Orchestra in Helsinki and also played with Toronto Symphony Orchestra.

Setup Cymbals

  • Details

    Sizes: 16", 18", 20"
    Volume: Soft
    Weight: Light

    Sound character: Warm, silvery, airy with a mystical touch. Medium wide range, fairly complex mix. Very soft, papery feel. Very responsive. A graceful crash cymbal for delicate, sensitive playing with light sticks, brushes, rods and hands. Well suited for mallet rolls.

  • Sounds
  • Details

    Sizes: 14", 15"
    Volume: Loud
    Weight: Heavy

    Sound character: Bright, powerful, crisp. Fairly narrow range, clean mix. Heavy feel. Bright, cutting open sound, clear, defined closed sound. Crisp chick sound. Bright hi-hat with a wide range for articulate playing in medium loud settings to cutting power in very loud situations.

  • Sounds