Sylvain Molina


Sylvain Molina


Paiste Artist Since
June 2013


Main Affiliations
Boulevard Apollon

Other Affiliations
Alien Party People
Polnarock Orchestra

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Born in 1983, Sylvain MOLINA works as a musician for 20 years. He is a Dave Grohl inspired drummer, with clean but powerful rock strikes. He first met drums listening to « Smells Like Teen Spirit » at 11, then followed Philippe Giraud's drum class in Istres (France) and began touring in Marseille's area. He also graduated from ARTIST music school in Cavaillon (France). Since 2001, he played in several bands (Clifden, Gazouz, Solaris, Shâmka…) for 100 gigs a year, in whole France and Switzerland. He now plays drums for the following bands : 'GNA', 'Triembach', 'Boulevard Apollon' and 'Undercover'.

Setup Cymbals

  • Details

    Sizes: 14"
    Volume: Soft
    Weight: Medium

    Sound character: Dark, dry, woody. Fairly wide range, complex mix. Soft, responsive feel. Full, warm, open sound. Loose, soggy chick sound. Perfectly suited for traditional swing patterns, but also well usable for other acoustic styles like Blues, Country, Soul or Gospel.

  • Sounds
  • Details

    Sizes: 18", 20"
    Volume: Medium
    Weight: Medium

    Sound character: Aggressive, bright, energetic, trashy. Medium range, complex mix. Responsive feel, explosive attack. Powerful, cutting effect cymbal for exotic accents. A good cymbal for noisy crash riding at higher volume levels.

  • Sounds