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Seth Davis


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January 2022

United States

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„From the early innovators and pioneers of the past to the present-day masters, Paiste continues to be the cymbal of choice“


Hudson Music author, clinician, composer, speed champion, writer, and performance artist Seth Davis has established his name worldwide as a drumming virtuoso by possessing advanced abilities in solo and musical performance. Seth has had a hand in raising the bar in advanced drumming by pushing the human limits of the body and mind, breaking through the typical physical and mental boundaries. Davis is known for exhibiting advanced technical drumming abilities as a performance artist through drum clinics, master classes and workshops, as well as online video demonstrations and tutorials. Davis is an active educator and performance artist and has shared rosters with other percussion educators, including: Chad Wackerman, Chris Coleman, Chip Ritter, Danny Seraphine, Derek Roddy, Dom Famularo, and Mike Mangini. Highlighted skill sets include master hand technique, speed drumming, and writing complex vertical and horizontal hybrid compositions when arranging and composing music, drum solos, and rudimental drumming pieces. Davis’ leadership through example and commitment has inspired countless worldwide. He is dedicated, disciplined, devoted, and passionate. All of which only add to the everlearning teacher who has tutored students in 100+ countries. His overall approach to drumming education and performance — The Davis Method — is revered by many as some of the most unique, innovative, and powerful drumming approaches, methodologies, and ideologies.