Danko Jones

Rich Knox


Paiste Artist Since
August 1992

United States

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Danko Jones
Dwayne Gretzky

Rich Knox

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PAISTE CYMBALS - On Stage With Rich Knox (Danko Jones)


Rich Knox plays drums for Danko Jones. Since joining the band in 2013, he’s recorded 3 studio albums, 2 live albums, and played on the concert DVD “Live from Wacken". Before joining Danko, he played as a session musician throughout Canada and the US, styles ranging from folk to jazz, pop and rock. He completed a music degree at McGill University in Montreal, Canada, where he studied with Chris McCann, and played in their flagship Jazz Orchestra, Big Band I. He’s also played with a number of Canada’s most acclaimed jazz musicians including, David Restivo, Gordon Foote and Pat Labarbera. He likes to hit just hard enough, and finds Paiste’s Giant Beat cymbals to be the perfect versatile cymbal, giving him a musical warmth and full tone and yet power and explosiveness to truly express himself on the drums.