Randy Gloss


Randy Gloss


Paiste Artist Since
April 2004

United States

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„I’ve always been drawn to Paiste, with the tremendous breadth and range of cymbals, bells, gongs, colors, and percussive effects, all made with sheer and unparalleled excellence in quality, craftsmanship, and artistry. I think as close to perfection as possible, and perhaps a bit more!!! When I reflect on some of my favorite and most influential drummers and percussionists, particularly those with a distinctive sound and voice through their cymbals, often in the context of some of the most interesting, creative and even-groundbreaking music for its time, those are the sounds I’m drawn to, and it is Paiste. So, for those reasons and more, there’s only one choice for me and it’s Paiste.“


Randy Gloss

Cymbals listed from left to right

26" No. 3 Sound Creation Gong Earth (regular)
6" 2002 Cup Chime
14" Signature Traditionals Thin Crash (discontinued)
10" PST X Swiss Hats
19" 2002 Big Beat «Multifunction»
10" 2002 Mega Bell
16" PST X Swiss Thin Crash


A protégé of percussion vanguard John Bergamo and longtime student of tabla maestro Pandit Swapan Chaudhuri, Randy Gloss is a percussionist whose diverse background across several modalities of hand drums, contemporary percussion, and drum set has led to eclectic and broad range of work.  A founding member of the internationally renowned and critically acclaimed percussion group Hands On’Semble, Randy has also worked with artists such as Ziggy Marley (on the Grammy winning album Fly Rasta), L. Shankar, Larry Karush, Montaigne, Nicole Mitchell, Pete Lockett, Lian Ensemble, Adam Rudolph, Miroslav Tadic & Vlatko Stefanovski; Damian Draghici; Carlos Niño & Friends; Chitravina Ravikiran; and David Hykes to name only some.  Randy has also recorded extensively for film (working with composers such as Danny Elfman, Harry Gregson-Williams, Gary Chang, and Steven Argila); recording for television; for video games (such as Uncharted 3); multiple sample libraries (Apple, Ilio, Native Instruments); and several acclaimed theater productions. Based in Los Angeles since the mid-90’s, Randy Gloss has been on the faculty at CalArts since 1999, where he oversees the World Percussion Program, and has also taught at UCLA and LAMA, and has been a visiting artist/lecturer/clinician at many universities, music schools and conservatories in the U.S. and abroad.

Setup Cymbals

  • Details

    Sizes: 14", 16", 18"
    Volume: Medium
    Weight: Light

    Sound character: Exotic, warm, trashy. Medium range, complex mix. Fast, responsive feel, fairly quick decay. An explosive Crash cymbal with a strong, low wash for unique effects in many styles of music.

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    Sizes: 10"
    Volume: Medium
    Weight: Heavy

    Sound character: Warm, bright, vibrating, piercing. Medium range, fairly clean mix. Hard, heavy and direct feel. Bright, piercing ping over a warm, powerful, glimmering bell sound. Versatile, heavy instrument for percussive effects.

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  • Details

    Sizes: 5 1/2", 5 pc Set, 5", 6 1/2", 6", 7 1/2", 7 pc Set, 7", 8"
    Volume: Soft
    Weight: Medium

    Sound character: Bright, warm, full, brilliant. Wide range, clean mix. Soft, extremely responsive. Explosive, shattering, glassy attack with modulating warm, full, long fade. Features an exotic, very dominant center tone with lively, flanging over- and undertones. Available individually or as sets on hardware mountable 5 and 7 arm holders. Well suited for upside down mounting over a ride bell.

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