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February 2020


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My first inspiration to play the drums came early in my life. At age four or five I got the Twisted Sisters single “We're not gonna take it” and those first beats just got me fascinated! I lifted the needle on the player and listened to the intro over and over again, going; I wanna do that too! So I started banging away on my mum´s pots and pans, progressing towards doing crude rudiments on a phone book. I guess my mom finally got the picture and got me enlisted to a public music school where I got to play a proper drum kit for the first time. This was in the late eighties/early nineties. I soon discovered that theoretics wasn’t my strong side so my drum teacher just let me play whatever I wanted to play. I quit music school shortly after and started teaching myself how to play by listening to different drummers and trying to copy whatever I fancied, mostly music my older sisters where into at the time; Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Cream, Blue Cheer, Hendrix. Heavy stuff. Since then many more drummers and styles have influenced me; Tony Allen, Jaki Liebezeit, Thomas “Mera” Gartz, Elvin Jones, just to name a few. The Formula 602 Modern Essentials has the perfect balance between stick definition, great wash, really bright sounds that cuts right through when needed and complex, warm tones making it a really versatile cymbal. I'm very happy to have been introduced to these cymbals and very proud to be a part of the Paiste family!

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    Sizes: 14", 15"
    Volume: Medium
    Weight: Medium

    Sound character: Rich, warm, lush, deep. Wide range, complex mix. Giving and responsive feel. Broad, warm open sound. Compact, lush chick sound. Extremely versatile hi-hat, perfectly suited for dynamic, articulated playing in a wide range of styles. “They are just chunky enough, but not overpowering. They are a little more chocolaty than the classic 602s”, describes Vinnie Colaiuta.

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