Oluyinka Adamolekun


Paiste Artist Since
September 2001


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CEO Centuple Resource Centre

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Oluyinka Adamolekun


Cymbals listed from left to right

16" Dimensions Medium Thin Crash (discontinued)
14" Dimensions Thin/Heavy Hi-Hat (discontinued)
8" Alpha Splash (discontinued)
18" Dimensions Medium Heavy Crash (discontinued)
9" Dimensions Thin Splash (discontinued)
20" Dimensions Medium Ride (discontinued)
18" Dimensions Thin China (discontinued)

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PAISTE CYMBALS - Oluyinka Adamolekun


Oluyinka Adamolekun is a distinguished drummer, multi-instrumentalist and producer with over 30 years of experience. He started his professional music career at age 18 and shortly after that in 2001, he became Nigeria's first Endorser of Paiste Cymbals, Sounds and Gongs. Oluyinka’s passion for music led him to study music in The Polytechnic Ibadan. Over the years, he has worked with remarkable veteran musicians like Ron Kenoly, Herbert Kunle Ajayi, Wole Jesutomi, Niran Obasa, Tunji Dada, Olumide Iyun, Dr. Tim Godfrey, Bright Gain, Jerry Omole, Agba Joshu and many others, Oluyinka’s formidable expertise on his instrument is unrivaled. His flexibility, dexterity and coordination are qualities to be coveted in playing a wide range of music genre both live and studio. He has also worked with churches such as The Stone Church and This Present House. In 2013, Oluyinka released his 2nd Instructional drum DVD -“Genesis 12:8” which is an exposé on the Yoruba 12:8 rhythms. In addition in 2013, Oluyinka’s work was recognized when he was given the Precise and Groovy Outstanding Drummer Award in Lagos. Oluyinka Adamolekun is the CEO of Centuple Resource Centre – a music and edutainment hub for children and aspiring musicians. The centre also known as Centuple edutainment has taught hundreds of students over the past 6yrs; facilitated music training for schools and churches. They have also produced music video recordings for children and organized various music exhibitions & clinics. As a seasoned Performer, Clinician and Teacher, Oluyinka continues to impart and mentor next generation musicians. He and his family live in Lagos Nigeria.