Oki Fadhlan


Oki Fadhlan


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November 2022


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„It has been years searching for the most fit in cymbal in metal drumming either in studio or live performance and I was blown away by how beautiful sounded the Paiste cymbals came up with, that makes me decide to stop searching. Most musical cymbals exist for sure. “


Oki Fadhlan is a professional drummer from Indonesia, born in October 19th 1996 and growing up in a city called Bandung. He started to play drums since 2008, and then in 2016 his got a chance to be a man who's created amazing beat behind the legendary Death Metal band from his hometown, which is one of the biggest Death Metal Band in the underground scene, mostly in Asia. Become the first Trick Drum USA double pedal artist in South East Asia (sonce 2020). Vratim Drumshoes (since 2018), Vast Drumstick (since 2019), Footblaster triggers (since 2022), Dixon Drums (since 2022) artist. Oki became the first Indonesian drummer who played at one of the biggest metal festival in the world, Brutal Assault. With Jasad, his experienced that has gone through other big festivals such as Wacken Open Air, and many International Metal Festivals around Europe and Asia. he has been working on 4 EP and compilation with Jasad and Stigmatuary, One full lenght album with stigmatuary back in 2016, and still working on so many album with jasad, drum program with his rock drumming school, called Ngedrum skool, and any other drum related projects.