Niki Skistimas


Niki Skistimas


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January 2008

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„Paiste never fails to deliver the best tone both in the studio and on stage. They cut through and make each rhythm sing!“


Niki Skistimas

Cymbals listed from left to right

14" 2002 Sound Edge Hi-Hat
16" Signature Fast Crash
17" Signature Fast Crash
22" Signature Dark Metal Ride (discontinued)
18" Signature Fast Crash
19" 2002 Wild China

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I grew up in New Jersey listening to my parent’s record collection of mostly old country music and classic rock. My favorite thing to listen to was a Led Zepplin box set that my uncle gave me for Christmas, Beastie Boys and a Pink Floyd tape that I stole from my brother. Throughout high school, I lived in Missouri. Traveling to go see live concerts became my life obsession. Some of my favorites were 311, Incubus, Deftones, Helmet, Jane’s Addiction and Tool. Somewhere along the way, I decided that being a drummer was probably the coolest thing on earth I could do, so it began. The journey of broadening my musical spectrum to include jazz and funk began when I ventured down to New Orleans to study drums. It was a wonderful experience, but I always knew I was meant for the west coast. Los Angeles is where I discovered my love for Punk rock. The first bands that I played live with were all basically LA punk bands. I’ve played in several all-girl groups including “The Eyeshadows”, “The Blue Bonnets” (featuring Kathy Valentine of the GoGo’s) and many more over the years. After growing in style and notoriety, I signed to a major label with a Funk, Trip hop/pop band called “Animastik”. In 2009, I started my own band KRASHKARMA in which I sing and play drums in. We have released 3 studio albums and have toured in 3 continents so far. This is the project that gets most of my attention although I still get hired for drum workshops and tours with other Los Angeles based artists.

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    Sizes: 19"
    Volume: Loud
    Weight: Medium

    Sound character: Wild, roaring, dark, trashy, shimmering. Wide range, fairly complex mix. Responsive feel. Aggressive, widespread, shattering attack with an oriental, acidic decay. Perfectly suited for all types of extreme musical styles that require a sturdy, almost uncontrollable China.

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