Nick Bellmore

Dee Snider

Nick Bellmore


Paiste Artist Since
December 2010

United States

Main Affiliations
Dee Snider
Kings And Liars

Other Affiliation
Toxic Holocaust


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„I use Paiste because in the studio they're just undeniable. Hardly need EQ and sound like a million bucks!“



Nick plays with Dee Snider, Kings and Liars and is a session drummer. In 1997, Nick started his frst band, playing every possible local opening slotjust for the experience. He maintained an active presence in the local scenealso by loaning gear to traveling bands just to help out. Soon, Nick developed a love for recording and established a studio in his basement. Recording his ownand all of his friends' bands, he built up his skills as a session drummer andproducer and launched his recording career. In 2001, Nick opened his frst commercial studio. Recording became his career and priority, though he continued playing in local bands and session drumming. By 2006, his newband Phantoms had been gaining popularity. Once Jamey Jasta of Hatebreed realized that Nick had produced Phantoms' album, he was so impressed that he hired Nick to be his recording engineer. Nick's current studio, Dexter's Lab, uses the industry's top equipment to mix and record local and signed bands. The studio is always booked with bands when Nick is not touring. Nick also mixes and co-produces Jamey Jasta's Patreon podcast, at Dexter's Lab. In2007, Jasta asked Nick to join his band Kingdom of Sorrow on a three-and-a-half-month tour opening for GWAR in eighty-one cities. Unaware that this would completely change his drumming career, Nick agreed. On this tour he met the band Toxic Holocaust, who then called Nick to ask him to join the band after their drummer left in 2009. Since that first tour with Kingdom of Sorrow, Nick has played with Toxic Holocaust, Jasta, Kingdom of Sorrow, and his latest project, Kings and Liars, on many tours all over the world. Nick hasrecorded all of his own projects and closely supervises writing and production in all of his bands. In late 2017, he started a new recording project with DeeSnider. Now onto his second album with Dee "Leave A Scar," which will be released by Napalm Records. Nick co-wrote, co-produced, recorded, engineered, mixed, and played drums on the entire album. During the pandemic Nick has taken on lots of session drumming and playing on over 100 songs since lock down!

Setup Cymbals

  • Details

    Sizes: 14", 15"
    Volume: Medium
    Weight: Medium

    Sound character: Rich, silvery, bright, somewhat mellow. Wide range, fairly complex mix. Quick and responsive feel with a soft and warm touch. Very controllable. Full, round and energetic open sound, paired with a light and airy chick sound. Ideal for playing at moderate volume level and a wide range of studio applications.

  • Sounds
  • Details

    Sizes: 18"
    Volume: Loud
    Weight: Heavy

    Sound character: Dark, full, raw, energetic. Wide range, complex mix. Heavy feel, fairly controllable, very explosive crash sound. Extremely loud, nasty china for higher volume playing.

  • Sounds