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Mika Kallio


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May 2012


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„When dealing with sound, textures, creativity, quality and craftsmanship, Paiste Cymbals and Gongs are the only choice for me.“


Mika Kallio

Cymbals listed from left to right

14" Sound Creation Dark Sound Edge Hi-Hat (discontinued)
6" 2002 Bell Chime (discontinued)
9" 2002 Bell Chime (Custom)
13" 2002 Bell Chime (Custom)
18" Formula 602 Classic China (discontinued)
#1/5.75" Tuned & Percussive Sound Disk (discontinued)
#2/5.375" Tuned & Percussive Sound Disk (discontinued)
#3/5" Tuned & Percussive Sound Disk (discontinued)
#4/4.5" Tuned & Percussive Sound Disk (discontinued)
#5/4.125" Tuned & Percussive Sound Disk (discontinued)
8" No. 1 Formula 602 Classic Seven Sound Set (discontinued)
8" 2002 Bell (discontinued)
13" Formula 602 Classic Heavy Bell
22" Formula 602 Classic Thin Flatride

Mika Kallio

Cymbals listed from left to right

#1 Tuned & Percussive Sound Plate (discontinued)
#2 Tuned & Percussive Sound Plate (discontinued)
#3 Tuned & Percussive Sound Plate (discontinued)
#4 Tuned & Percussive Sound Plate (discontinued)
22"/C3# Tuned Gong TG (discontinued)
26" No. 3 Sound Creation Gong Earth (regular)
38" B1 Sun Planet Gong PG (regular)
32" C#2 Mercury Planet Gong PG (regular)
6"/F5# Tuned Gong TG (discontinued)
7"/D5# Tuned Gong TG (discontinued)
8,5"/A4# Tuned Gong TG (discontinued)
9"/A4 Tuned Gong TG (discontinued)
10"/G4# Tuned Gong TG (discontinued)
10"/G4 Tuned Gong TG (discontinued)
11"/F4# Tuned Gong TG (discontinued)
11"/F4 Tuned Gong TG (discontinued)
11"/E4 Tuned Gong TG (discontinued)
12"/D4# Tuned Gong TG (discontinued)
12"/D4 Tuned Gong TG (discontinued)
12"/C4# Tuned Gong TG (discontinued)
13"/C4 Tuned Gong TG (discontinued)
13"/B3 Tuned Gong TG (discontinued)
14"/A3# Tuned Gong TG (discontinued)
15"/A3 Tuned Gong TG (discontinued)
11" No. 8 Sound Creation Gong Chakra (regular)
14" No. 9 Sound Creation Gong Chakra (regular)
16" No. 10 Sound Creation Gong Chakra (regular)

Videos & Pics

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Mika Kallio has collaborated with most major jazz musicians in Finland. Some of the players he has worked and/or recorded with are Mikko Innanen, Kari Ikonen, Raoul Björkenheim, Otto Donner, Mikko Hassinen, Esa Onttonen, Sonny Heinilä, Kirmo Lintinen, Anssi Nykänen, Jarmo Savolainen, Jukka Perko, Teemu Viinikainen, Manuel Dunkel, Jouni Järvelä, Verneri Pohjola, Jukka Gustavson, Mikko Helevä, Ville Herrala, Marzi Nyman, Varre Vartiainen, Eero Koivistoinen, Pepa Päivinen, Pekka Pohjola, Mia Simanainen, Seppo Kantonen, Jenny Robson, Severi Pyysalo, Mirja Mäkelä, Teppo Hauta-aho, Sid Hille, Uffe Krokfors, Iro Haarla, Kalle Kalima, Sakari Kukko, Juhani Aaltonen, Niklas Winter and Jaska Lukkarinen. Kallio has also worked with Tomasz Stanko, Wadada Leo Smith, JD Walter, Peter Bernstein, Gary Versace, John Lindberg, Philippe Catherine, Stefan Pasborg, Ben Monder, Ain Agan, Sebastien Boisseau, Laurent Blondiau, Matthieu Donarier, Marc Ducret, Ron McClure, John Zorn, Gunnar Halle, Jaak Sooäär, Tim Hagans, Staffan Svensson, Vincent Courtois and Michael Gibbs. In 1997 Samuli Mikkonen asked Mika to join his trio with Uffe Krokfors and a recording ”Korpea kuunnellessa” was released in 1998. After that Mika has played on over 40 albums with various bands and his debyt as a leader/soloist ”Mika Kallio” was released in 2008. He is also a co-leader in such bands like Mikko Innanen / Mika Kallio Duo and Gnomus with Kari Ikonen and Esa Onttonen. Kallio also leads a group called Kallio Slaaki in which the solo concept has been expanded for three drummers (Anssi Nykänen and Mikko Hassinen). As a sideman he works in various groups, such as Teemu Viinikainen Trio, Kari Ikonen Karikko, Gourmet, Unit (RF-BE-FI), Manuel Dunkel United, Agan/Viinikainen/Mälgand/Kallio, Ahava, Kalle Kalima trio, Markus Holkko Quartet, Samuli Mikkonen & seitsemän henkeä, Jukka Gustavson & Raoul Björkenheim Quartet, Sakari Kukko Virret and Sid Hille’s Tribute to the Beatles. Kallio also does some work with the UMO Jazz Orchestra. Mika teaches at the Metropolia University of Applied Sciences in Helsinki, Savonia University of Applied Sciences in Kuopio and at the Sibelius Academy Jazz Department in Helsinki.

Setup Cymbals

  • Details

    Sizes: 20"
    Volume: Soft
    Weight: Medium

    Sound character: Warm, mellow, crystal-like. Medium range, fairly clean mix. Very balanced and controlled feel. A pearly, woody stick sound paired with a silvery wash. A very sensitive cymbal perfectly suited for soft playing at lower volume level and studio application.

  • Sounds
  • Details

    Sizes: 16", 18", 20"
    Volume: Soft
    Weight: Light

    Sound character: Warm, silvery, airy with a mystical touch. Medium wide range, fairly complex mix. Very soft, papery feel. Very responsive. A graceful crash cymbal for delicate, sensitive playing with light sticks, brushes, rods and hands. Well suited for mallet rolls.

  • Sounds
  • Details

    Sizes: 14", 15"
    Volume: Medium
    Weight: Medium

    Sound character: Rich, silvery, bright, somewhat mellow. Wide range, fairly complex mix. Quick and responsive feel with a soft and warm touch. Very controllable. Full, round and energetic open sound, paired with a light and airy chick sound. Ideal for playing at moderate volume level and a wide range of studio applications.

  • Sounds
  • Details

    Sizes: 13"
    Volume: Loud
    Weight: Heavy

    Sound character: Very bright, clear, piercing. Narrow range, clean mix. Extra heavy, immediate feel. Very thick, bright cymbal with crystal-clear, piercing ping and extremely long sustain.

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