Michel Meis

Michel Meis 4tet

Michel Meis


Paiste Artist Since
August 2020


Main Affiliations
Michel Meis 4tet
Everwaiting Serenade
Gilles Grethen Quartet


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Michel Meis Philharmonie 2 © Eric Engel.jpg
Michel Meis Philharmonie 2 © Eric Engel.jpg


Michel Meis, rising star of the Luxembourgish jazz scene, started playing the drums at the age of 7. Today, he regularly proves his versatility and openness through numerous projects. With the Michel Meis 4tet, he was the first Luxembourgish artist to be signed in the series “Jazz thing Next Generation” by the German jazz label Double Moon Records. Besides his own jazz project, he currently plays with Everwaiting Serenade (melodic hardcore), the Gilles Grethen Quartet (jazz) and the duo Blankx with pianist Manuel Krass (free jazz/electro). 2021 will see collaborations with, among others, the French violinist Théo Ceccaldi and the American drummer Jim Black.