Michael Lagomarsini

Jay Wheeler

Michael Lagomarsini


Paiste Artist Since
August 2021

Puerto Rico

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Jay Wheeler

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„Paiste has always been characterized by superiority in quality and sound. When I am playing, either in front of a big crowd or in a recording studio, I need a sound that is clear, defined and explosive and that’s why I trust Paiste, because it surpasses all those qualities.“


Michael Lagomarsini

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Michael Lagomarsini Torres was born in Ponce, Puerto Rico in 1993. Growing up he was surrounded by music since his father is also a percussionist. Michael started developing a passion for music at a very young age and that’s why he became part of the middle school marching band of his hometown, Guayanilla, Puerto Rico. Michael knew music was what he wanted to do for a living and that’s why he moved to San Juan, Puerto Rico to start his Bachelor Degree in Drums and Percussion Performance at the Interamerican University of Puerto Rico. While doing his BA he also took some credits at the Puerto Rico Music Conservatory. Among the genres Michael plays are Jazz, Fussion, Pop, Rock and Afro-Caribbean rhythms. He has recorded for various artists like Tito “El Bambino”, Víctor Manuel and Zion y Lenox. Michael has worked with music producers as Ramón Sánchez, Gonzalo López, Giovanni Crespo, Nino Segarra, and Elliot “El Mago de Oz”. Michael has performed with some local bands and also world known artists like Daddy Yankee, Charlie Aponte, Herman Olivera, Andy Montañez, and Lourdes Robles, among others. Currently he is Jay Wheeler’s drummer (reggaeton artist). Beside performing, Michael is also an adjunct professor at McCook Community College and a private drumms and percussion instructor. He really enjoy sharing his skills and knowledge with kids and adults.