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Marton Veress


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May 2022


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Davey Suicide


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Marton Veress gained sucess at an early age at his hometown Budapest, Hungary when he became the member of the country’s leading heavy metal band, Pokolgep and headlined major venues and festivals with them for years. In 2014 he started pursuing his dream in New York City where his talent got recognized as well when he became the drummer of the ex-Arch Enemy guitarist Chris Amott’s band, Armageddon. Marton played on main stages with Armageddon from the US, to South America, Europe and Japan. In 2017 Marton moved to Los Angeles, where he worked, recorded and performed with some of the biggest names of the music industry like Jake Pitts (Black Veil Brides), Eric Ron (producer – Panic at the Disco, Godsmack, etc.) Jay Gordon (Singer/Producer - Orgy, Linkin Park, Korn,etc.) just to name a few. In 2019 he became the official member of the legendary multi platinum/ gold record rock band, Orgy. Besides Orgy, Marton also joined the metal band Davey Suicide and toured with Assuming We Survive opening up for Sum41. In 2021 Marton launched his own drum school International Drum School Budapest, where he teaches international and hungarian talents of all ages.