Mark Romans

Magnet Monks

Mark Romans


Paiste Artist Since
November 2005

United States

Main Affiliations
Magnet Monks

Other Affiliations
Don Felder
Chris Hanlin
Spirit of Zeppelin

„My Paistes recreate the sound I seek and hear in my head. They are difinitive to me.“


Mark Romans

Cymbals listed from left to right

15" Giant Beat Hi-Hat
18" Giant Beat «Multifunction»
24" Giant Beat «Multifunction»
20" Giant Beat «Multifunction»
20" Sound Formula Thin China (discontinued)

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"Makin' it swing is my thing! I started studying with local percussionist Larry Troxel at age 11 and eventually with the great Joe Porcaro. My style is all things rock n roll, stemming from my intrigue of jazz influenced early rock drummers like Mitch Mitchell, Ringo, Ginger Baker, John Bonham, Bun E. Carlos and also the GOAT, Buddy Rich. I've been forturnate to have worked with Don Felder (Eagles), Frank Simes (The WHO), Jay Buchanan (Rival Sons), Twelvehourmary, Chris Hanlin, Magnet Monks ("

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