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Mark Cisneros


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February 2018

United States

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„It’s incredible to think of all the life-changing records that these cymbals have been used on. These artisans have crafted, and continue to expand, an entire world of sounds used on everything from number one hit records to the sound experiments of the avant-garde.“



Mark Cisneros is a multi-instrumentalist based in Washington, DC and is currently drumming for the reunited 90s indie group and cult favorite The Make-Up. Since 2011 they have been touring the world and appearing at such festivals as Coachella, Primavera Sound, All Tomorrow’s Parties (ATP), Desert Daze, and more. He is also a contributing songwriter and guitarist in punk legend Kid Congo Powers’ (The Cramps/Gun Club/Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds) group Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds. As well as Dischord Records’ Hammered Hulls and In The Red Records’ Des Demonas. He has also played in the solo groups of rock legend Wayne Kramer (MC5) and Shannon Shaw (Shannon and the Clams). His playing can also be heard on releases by Yoko Ono, Scissor Sisters, Merge Records’ Ex Hex, Priests, Chain and the Gang, Flasher, Ziemba, Death Valley Girls, and in film such as Jack Ass 3D The Movie.

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    Sizes: 13"
    Volume: Loud
    Weight: Heavy

    Sound character: Full, bright, metallic, strong. Narrow range, clean mix. Fairly heavy, very immediate feel. Dry, clear, strong, slightly distorted ping over sparse, warm, metallic bell sound. A loud, lively, unusual cymbal with very specific ride and bell playing functions. Also suited for strong color accents and various percussion effects.

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