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Luis Desirat


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January 2000


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Sei Miguel

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Ena Pa 2000
MR Blues Sessions
Vieira Power Trio

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Luis Desirat

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A self-taught drummer, Luís Desirat went professional in 1982. He was involved in the creation of several bands and was a member of many others : Anamar (1988) Iodo (1982) MáguDèsi (1985/1986) Moeda Noise (1985/1986) Sei Miguel Quartet and Septet (1987/1988) Ruínas (1977/1981) and Tina & the Top Ten (1989/1992). Currently he plays with Ena Pá 2000 (since 1985) MR Blues Sessions (since 2015) Sei Miguel (since 2010) and Vieira Power Trio (since 2013). Participation in recordings, projects and workshops Luís Desirat participated in the recordings of Só Longe daqui, a contemporary ballet piece whose music was written by Constança Capdeville and produced by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation (Lisbon, 1984). He participated in a workshop run by Han Bennink at the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation (Lisbon, 1986). With Ena Pá 2000, he recorded the original soundtrack for the film Agosto (music by José Mário Branco, 1986). He also recorded the original soundtracks for the following motion pictures : Os Abismos da Meia-Noite (1984) Os Emissários de Khâlom (1987) and A Maldição do Marialva (1989) All directed by António Macedo and music by António de Sousa Dias. Improvised Music concerts at the ACARTE “New Portuguese Music Encounters” (1990) EXPO´98 and solo at the Teatro Taborda (New Portuguese Music Circle in 1999). Education and qualifications 12th Grade. Luís Desirat attended the Musical School of the National Conservatory (Lisbon) until the 4th year in Musical Education and the 5th year in Percussion. Various activities Luís collaborated with the MIT (Música Instrumentos e Tecnologia) magazine in 1990 and 1991. He directed an Improvised Music workshop in Covilhã under the organization of the OFMUBI (Oficina Musical da Beira Interior) in 1994. Percussion technical consultant to Valentim de Carvalho in 2000. He is a drum teacher since 2005. Selected Discography: António de Sousa Dias Os Abismos da Meia-Noite (1984) Ena Pá 2000 Telephone Call (1987), iProjecto Ena Pá Project! (1991), Enapália (1992), És Muita Linda (1994), Doces Penetrações (1996), Opus Gay (1997), A Luta Continua (2004), O Candidato Vieira / Ena Pá 2000 (DVD 2005) Luís Desirat Em Tempo Real (1991), Way Out − New Music from Portugal Vol. 1 (1997), Solstice (2018) MáguDèsi Divergências (LP 1986, CD 1999) Os Irmãos Catita Very Sentimental (1996), Very Sentimental Show (DVD 2005) Saturnia The Glitter Odd (2001), Hydrophonic Gardening (2003) Sei Miguel Breaker (1988), The Blue Record (1989), Token (1999), Salvation Modes (2014), Five Untold Stories (2016), O Carro de Fogo de Sei Miguel (2019) Tina & the Top Ten Distorção Caleidoscópica (1990)