Kyle Adams

Kyle Adams


Paiste Artist Since
February 2024

United States


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„Paiste have paved the way for groundbreaking legends to define their sound for decades with their uniquely made cymbals and distinct sonic characteristics. I am beyond thrilled and humbled to join the roster and continuing to take my sound to the next level.“

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In the neon-lit alleys of Nashville, Kyle Adams first found his rhythm, a sound that starkly contrasted the city's conventional norms. Now settled near Seattle, he has discovered a place for his voice among the legends who laid the groundwork for the music scene. Infusing each performance with his fiery energy, Kyle has performed sold-out shows across the globe. Influenced by rock 'n roll's greats, Adams masterfully combines raw power with delicate finesse. Whether performing live or in studio sessions, he aims to weave rhythmic melody into every song. Having collaborated with chart-topping producers and artists across the globe, Kyle has explored a vast array of genres, ensuring his drumming leaves a distinctive mark wherever he plays.