Justin Chittams

Nahko & Medicine For The People

Justin Chittams


Paiste Artist Since
November 2019

United States

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Nahko & Medicine For The People


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„Paiste always has the sound to fit the feel I need to express.“



Justin Chittams was born in Washington, DC. His father, a classically trained pianist started Justin on his musical journey at a very young age. Justin started playing the trombone at age 6 and he got involved in playing in school bands and in the DC Youth Orchestra. His transition to the drums took place when he saw his older brother playing the drums at church, and followed in his footsteps. After years of gaining experience in the Church he began playing with a Saint James Community Choir that helped him expand his musicianship. In 2008 Justin moved to Hilo, Hawai'i. He began studying Marine Biology, eventually switching to Music and Performing arts; which he later got his bachelor’s degree in 2013. After moving to Hawai'i and graduating as a music major, music became his only focus. He began playing drums and singing with many different local rock, reggae and jazz groups such as N.Y.R, Big Island Swing, Wendell Ing and friends, The Steppas, Positive Motion along with many other local talents. After experimenting with different genres of music and internalizing experiences he found his musical home in the eclectic band of musicians, Nahko and Medicine for the people. Making music is Justins life’s work. He practices every day to constantly expanding his instrumental and musical knowledge to ensure his success. Justin’s hope is that people can connect to his music and be inspired to always keep striving for their goals and dreams.

Setup Cymbals

  • Details

    Sizes: 22"
    Volume: Medium
    Weight: Medium

    Sound character: Fairly bright, rich, open, warm. Wide range, fairly clean mix. Even, controllable feel with quick response. Crisp, clear stick sound over a rich, warm wash. All-purpose ride cymbal suitable for a broad range of musical styles. Developed in co-operation with session great Ndugu Chancler.

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