Jürgen CC Behrens


Jürgen CC Behrens


Paiste Artist Since
October 1986


Main Affiliations
Fair Warning
Silent Circle

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„PAISTE Cymbals are really supporting my idea and taste of rock drumming: brilliant, warm and strong. And the service of the PAISTE Team, especially in Germany and Japan, is fantastic!“


Jürgen CC Behrens

Cymbals listed from left to right

20" 2002 Crash
22" 2002 Power Ride
16" 2002 Crash
18" 2002 Crash

Cymbals listed from left to right

20" Signature Full Crash
14" Sound Formula Medium Heavy Hi-Hat (discontinued)
22" Signature Power Ride
16" Signature Full Crash
18" Signature Full Crash

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Born in 1955. Learned guitar at the age of 12 years, but changed to drumset at 22. Piece by piece getting a professional musician in successful bands with records, TV and Tours. - since 1985 Silent Circle (founding member, worldwide 80’s cult) - since 1986 PAISTE Endorsement - 1991 Matthias Reim Tour - since 1991 Fair Warning (founding member, gold records in japan) - 1995 – 2001 Heinz Rudolf Kunze (member) - since 2000 Trommelfeuer (founder, industrial drumming) - since 2001 Dreamtide (member) - since 2018 Ö-Band (founding member, H. Grönemeyer tribute)

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    Sizes: 20", 22"
    Volume: Loud
    Weight: Heavy

    Sound character: Bright, full, clean, energetic, strong. Fairly narrow range, fairly clean mix. Heavy response, controllable feel. Big, clean, glassy ping over a dry, dark and bell-like wash. The classic power ride sound for mainly Rock and Metal applications.

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