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February 2017

United States

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Joseph Valery


Joseph Valery (born January 8, in Los Angeles, California), began his musical career in his fathers church. He later attended the University of Nevada Las Vegas where he spent two years majoring in music and performing arts. Following that, Joseph attended the Los Angeles Music Academy in Pasadena, California, studying under great educators like Ralph Humphrey (Dancing with The Stars), Joe Porcaro, Dave Pozzi, Michael Packer and Tony Inzalaco. Joseph has worked with artists and executives such as: Tony Ferguson, Samson Shulman, TYGA, GB5 (Gutierrez Brothers), Donald Barrett, Christon Gray, Jake Hamilton, Daniel Johnson, J. Michael O'neal, VanJess, Bo Saris, Malese Jow, Amber Melody, Paola Jean, Chyno Soul, Eric Zayne, Brenden McPeek, J. Boykins, Matthew Grant, Kristine Mirelle, Jess Jackson, Frank McComb.