Jonny Udell

The Mercury Riots

Jonny Udell


Paiste Artist Since
February 2016

United States

Main Affiliations
The Mercury Riots
Warner Drive

Other Affiliation
Bullets and Octane

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„The first cymbals I’ve ever played when I was 11 years old were 2002’s! From that day on Paiste has been my favorite cymbals!! After years of trying all sorts of cymbals Paiste stands above the rest with no close comparison! “


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Jonny Udell is from Philadelphia , PA. He has been playing drums since 11 years old after he failed at guitar! He moved to Los Angeles in his early 20’s and has had a hell of a ride. Finding his first musical success in the band The Knives touring along such acts as CKY, The Cult, Fu Manchu and Bullets and Octane. That’s where Jonny established a long relationship with Bullets front man Gene Louis. When Gene put Bullets back together he called Jonny for the drumming duties. Four years and 2 albums later they are traveling the world playing rock and roll together. Jonny is a proud endorser of Paiste Cymbals, Vic Firth Drumsticks, and 101 Snare Drums.

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