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The Velveteers

Johnny Fig


Paiste Artist Since
January 2022

United States

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The Velveteers


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„Paiste cymbals are the only cymbals I’ve found that have been able to reliably handle and flourish in the violent attacks of duel drummers playing the same cymbal as hard as they can at the same time. The cymbal’s versatility are unparalleled and can fit right in crashing on the heaviest of songs while also being right at home on the softest ballad one song later. They are the most adaptive and diverse cymbals out there. -Baby“


The Velveteers are a rock trio featuring Demi Demitro on guitar/vocals and Baby Pottersmith and Jonny Fig on duel drums. Starting off as a two piece, Demi and Baby started the band in 2014 when they were in highschool school and dedicated all their time to playing music together and building the band. They welcomed Jonny into the project in 2020 as they prepared to record their debut record “Nightmare Daydream” produced by Dan Auerbach on Easy Eye Sound which was released worldwide in 2021.