John Bonham

Led Zeppelin

John Bonham


Paiste Artist Since
July 1971

United Kingdom

Main Affiliation
Led Zeppelin



31.05.1948-25.09.1980 John Bonham of Led Zeppelin was one of the most iconic rock drummers, who still influences young amateurs to professional top artists. Biography taken from "Profiles Of International Drummers, Percussionists, Musicians, Vol. 2" (1975 by Paiste Cymbals + Gongs Co.): "Bonham first played drums with Terry Web and the Spiders. He met lead singer Robert Plant in a group called Crawling King Snakes. He was also in Band Of Joy with Plant, but it was his spectacular drum solos with Tim Rose that brought him to the attention of Jimmy Page, when the guitarist formed Led Zeppelin in 1968. Within months of its formation, Led Zeppelin became a supergroup. The band began a series of tours that have made them rock giants all over Europe, Japan, the USA, Australia. With 5 platinum albums, which have sold more than 15 million copies worldwide, Zeppelin's popularity and musical influence are unparalleled. Bonham's drumming contributes a vital element to the unique Led Zeppelin sound. Many critics refer to him as the best drummer in rock. (...) "Bonzo" lives in the English countryside, on a working farm, which has boasted prize cattle. He collects cars, hot-rods, and motorcycles. He's particularly proud of his son Jason, who is following in his dad's footsteps as a drummer."

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