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July 2021

United Kingdom

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Ian Hendry is a professional session/studio drummer and music producer born in Glasgow, Scotland on 4th December 1987. Currently and in recent times Ian has worked with… Bibio, The Vintage Explosion, Olivier St.Louis, The Byson Family, Gabriella Cilmi, David Paton (Pilot), Lewis Capaldi, Phil Campbell, Christian Fleetwood, Yacht Rock Crew, Terrence (The Voice France Winner), Dan Reed (Dan Reed Network) and many more… His father (Allan Hendry) was a professional drummer in the 70’s who exposed Ian to a diverse range of music and invetability influienced Ian into a musician lifestyle. At 4 years old, his parents got him a drum kit. Within minutes he could play a groove and within hours he smashed the drum kit up to never play drums again untill his early teens. At 13 years old Ian’s started playing drums and showed real apptitude for the instrument and would quickly start gigging with many different bands from many different genres. During this time Ian’s father gave him his drum kit with a full set of 70’s Paiste 602’s. over the years the cymbals became worn and damaged but still to this day Ian uses his fathers cymbals any chance he gets. By 16 years old Ian won Mike Dolbear’s “UK young drummer of the year” in 2004. By his mid teens he was nationally known as a young “virtuoso” by the UK drum scene and some of the worlds top drummers and drum companies at that time. Soon after, Ian launched into the international drum clinic scene being endorsed by drum companies and featured in all the major drum publications around the world such as Modern Drummer, Rhythm, Drummer Magazine and more…(as well as TV & Radio appearances and performances on BBC, Blue Peter, VH1, Radio1 and many more.) For the rest of his teenage years he continued to gig and record with British bands and open for top drum clinicians across the UK such as Thomas Lang, Horacio Hernandez and many more. In His early 20’s Ian bacame more involved in fixing bands and less involved in drum solo releated activities. Quickly he became a band leader and musical director for live situations (as well as working as a session and studio drummer) untill his late 20’s. In his early 30s he became more involved in creating origional music with origional artists and bands, as well as producing his own music playing and learning multiple instruments. (As well as being drummer and partially responsible for some of the worlds top tribute bands today such as TikTok viral band “The Vintage Explosion” and the “Yacht Rock Crew”.) On Oct 21st 2022, Bibio released his 10th Studio album “Bib10. Ian played 4 tracks on that album. And to the present day Ian is currently recording and serving as drummer for legendary musician & producer Bibio. On 4th November 2022 The Vintage exposion had a no#1 Album in the USA itunes official blues charts with “Live at the Blue Arrow jazz club” and a no#1 single in the USA with “Send me some lovin’” and peaked so far at no 25 in world itunes charts most popular albums so far. No#1 in UK itunes albums and No#1 best seller on Amazon and No#1 in Astralian itunes charts and reaching charts positions all over the world.