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January 1979


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Herman Rarebell began his life on the 18th of November 1949 in Saarbrucken, Germany, his zodiac sign being Scorpio. By the age of 12 his passion for drumming was so extreme that he would practice on anything available, including an old sloped chair. His song writing was influenced by the music of Led Zeppelin, a group which he still loves. After qualifying in drums and piano at the Music School in Saarbrucken, and after he played with Mastermen (1965) and with Fuggs Blues (1968) he moved on to England from 1971 to 1977, and his international career as drummer and songwriter for the Scorpions began. He composed songs like "Another piece of meat", "Falling in Love" or "Passion rules the game", and wrote the lyrics for some of the most classic songs of the band like "Rock You Like a Hurricane", "Make It Real", "Dynamite", "Blackout" to name a few. In 1982 he released his first solo album "Nip In The Bud", which he re-recorded as "Herman ze German & Friends" with the help of some friends of his as guest such as members of Dokken, Great White, Ratt etc. His artistic restlessness lead him to a project with his wife Claudia Raab, former 7 Sins saxophonist and well known actress, and released a debut album "The Rhythm of Art". Its musical direction was atmospheric dance music with saxophone, drums and electronic music. Herman also performed with some live appearances under the Art Meets Music project with shows which would become a lot more than regular Rock n' Roll events, also featuring dancers as well as featuring original paintings by Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood and Ronald Muri, founder of the "Pop-Expressionist Movement". He participated in the Drum Legends project with his friend Pete York (ex Spencer Davis Group) where they released a live CD & DVD with the contribution of Jazz drummer Charly Antolini. He also released a great 'soft' album with the Monte Carlo Pop Orchestra ("Let me take you to the moon") as well as a single with the singer of Unlimited Ray Slijngaard (a remake of the song "The Eye of The Tiger") showing his need to experiment. The Scorpions put on a celebratory event including former members for their headline show at the Wacken Open Air festival on the 3rd of August 2006 billed "A night to remember: A journey in time". Herman was invited by his old friends to join them on stage as their guest and the band perform many archive songs featuring Uli Jon Roth, Herman Rarebell and Michael Schenker. This inspired him to put together his own group and go on tour and led to Herman announcing the formation of the project Herman Rarebell And Band for a new album Take It As It Comes ! This album includes a re-recorded version of the Scorpions' "Rock You Like a Hurricane", as well as the classic song "Heya Heya" by Jeronimo. The group involved singer Stefan Erz and his wife Claudia Raab on saxophone. To date, he achieved 78 gold and 30 platinum record awards besides many music awards, including an "Echo" and a "World Music Award".