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January 1990

The Netherlands

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Since 1970, Hans has been active for more than five decades as a musician/producer within the various music styles. Besides percussion, he also plays guitar, keyboards and percussion instruments such as the bodhran, darbuka and cajon. After taking private lessons in the early eighties with drum teacher Fred van Vloten, he enrolled into the Rotterdam Conservatory in 1990, where he specialized himself as an all round music (drum)teacher and producer. His specialties are the country and blues shuffles, which make him a International wanted working and recording artist in those fields. His style and playing concept were mainly influenced by some original Nashville session drummers, like Larry Londin, Kenny Buttrey and Kenny Malone. But also drummers such as Jon Hiseman, Ansley Dunbar and Jim Keltner. And not to forget Buddy Rich and Joe Morello. Back in the days, they were his most important source of inspiration. Hans is known as a musical and solid session player. In the 70s and 80s he mainly played in various popular Dutch Rock and Pop bands. But he also played a lot in the entertainment circuit in where mainly Disco, Soul and popular music played the leading role. In the period 1986 to 1990 he partly moved to Scandinavia and did a lot of session work for Denmark's leading artists at that time. He also worked with numerous international artists including Albert Lee, Sarah Jory, Tamra Rosanes and Johnny Logan. He was also part of the backing band of the former Elvis backing vocal group: The Jordanaires. He received the AMPEX Golden Reel Award in Scandinavia, for his contribution to a number of hit successes. At the famous European Country festivals, he regularly shared the stage with country greats such as Freddie Fender, Flaco Jimenez, Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard and Emmylou Harris. In the same time frame he was a member of the first Dutch Americana band 'Personnel' with Ad van der Veen and Philip Kronenberg. They became one of Europe's foremost International Americana and Roots bands. Another highlight was his playing for Guitarray & The Rhythm Dukes. In the Benelux, he worked with the famous blues harmonica player Werner Blaas in the band Passage to the Blues. Since 1988 until now, he has been playing with the American session-legend and Nashville Country Hall of Fame member, Charlie McCoy. In 1991 Charlie introduced him to Nashville and Hans was in the unique situation of being the first Dutch drummer to do studio sessions for US artists in Nashville. In a long list of musicians, Larry Coryell, Marcel Dadi, Sarah Jory, Albert Lee and Brent Mason are the most famous guitarists with whom he has worked. He also performed regularly with Gordon (Sax) Beadle, the saxophonist / singer from Boston and Memphis Rock & Roll Queen, Linda Gail Lewis. Since 2010 he has been playing with The Music Road Pilots (MRP). This formation has quickly grown into one of the leading Americana / New Country acts in Europe. They are a popular band at festivals and events. They also regularly provide performances, whether or not in collaboration with or as accompaniment of other artists. In 2010 the first MRP studio album was recorded and presented. The second studio album with original material and written especially for them by Nashville writers was relaesed in 2015. In 2020 they released a live studio album “ A Little bit of Live”. Hans is uniquely in possession of his own recording studios. One for pre-productions, editing and mastering, and one for live recordings. In 2015 he became an official Nashville Artists member for the Country Music Association (CMA) 2015. As the result for his longtime work and building bridges between Europe and Nashville. He is an established International musician into the Nashville studio scene. Therefore he is also permitted to do sessions in Nashville on a regular base with US Country Artists. Recently in 2021 he also teamed up again, as musician/co-producer with the popular Dutch/German duo Mark & Laura. They were the finalists in Deutschland sucht ein Superstar and received millions of views on their own YouTube Channel since then. In 2016, he brought to them their first Country hit 'How Could I ', and for 2021 they will record a new single and an album for Universal.

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    Sizes: 16", 17", 18", 19"
    Volume: Medium
    Weight: Light

    Sound character: Dark body, full frequency spectrum, brilliant highs. Very wide range, complex, pleasing musical mix. Immediate, sensitive response, strong attack, controllable spread, even, layered fade. This crash combines silky, soft qualities with energy and projection for an incredibly versatile application range. Also extremely well suited as suspended cymbals and for mallet rolls.

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