Glenn Fryatt

Happy Hollows

Glenn Fryatt


Paiste Artist Since
July 2014

United Kingdom

Main Affiliations
Happy Hollows
Chief White Lightning

Other Affiliation
The Saint James Society


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„I began playing the old 400 line and worked my way through most of the Paiste lines. I always liked how Paiste cymbals seemed to sing and were brighter sounding than other cymbals I played. Paiste cymbals have that character that I want in a cymbal. Plus I grew up wide-eyed and trying to absorb everything Stewart Copeland, Keith Moon and Art Blakey played so they may have had something to do with it!“


Glenn Fryatt

Cymbals listed from left to right

14" Formula 602 Classic Medium Hi-Hat
16" Signature Full Crash
22" Twenty Ride (discontinued)
18" Giant Beat «Multifunction»

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Glenn started his drumming career at an early age in Portsmouth, UK. Playing along to Keith Moon and The Who with chopsticks as drumsticks and the arm of his Mum's sofa as his first kit. It's a long way from Portsmouth to LA but that is where Glenn now lives and works. His main instrument is no longer a sofa. Glenn’s drumming career has taken him throughout Europe and the US playing headline tours with Cherubs, The Montrose Avenue, The Diamond Lights, Big Joe Louis, and Dubai superstar and MTV Europe Music Award nominee Hamdan Al-Abri. Currently drumming live and in the studio for Happy Hollows, Chief White Lightning, The Saint James Society and Vigilantics.

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    Sizes: 14", 15"
    Volume: Medium
    Weight: Medium

    Sound character: Rich, warm, full, silvery with a light touch. Wide range, fairly complex mix. Soft feel, easy to control. Lively, responsive and warm open sound. Full, precise chick sound. Versatile hi-hat for medium loud settings, perfectly suited for studio applications.

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