Fernando Diez

Cirque du Soleil - Alegria

Fernando Diez


Paiste Artist Since
May 2008

United States

Main Affiliation
Cirque du Soleil - Alegria

Other Affiliations
Marta Santamaria & VIAJEM
One Tribe Nation
Symcha Orchestra


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„"I have always loved Paiste cymbals, and fell in love with the signature series the first time I heard them" “


Based in Los Angeles, Fernando Diez has been playing percussion for over thirty years and has never been limited to one style of drumming. Raised in France, he was not only influenced by the Latin music of his Spanish parentage, but also by the African, Middle Eastern and world music scenes in Paris. He has worked all over the globe and has taken all of his experience to create a wide range of sound! It takes you on a magnificent journey, which transcends all boundaries! His creativity has evolved over the years, putting him in a class of his own!