Etienne Baegen

Consumer Junk

Etienne Baegen


Paiste Artist Since
April 2012

The Netherlands

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Consumer Junk
Light By The Sea

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„I played alot of different cymbals in my drumming career. Paiste is the only one that have never let me down, not in sound, durability and service from the Paiste company!!“


Etienne Baegen

Cymbals listed from left to right

14" Twenty Custom Collection Full Hats (discontinued)
18" Twenty Custom Collection Metal China (discontinued)
20" Twenty Custom Collection Full Crash (discontinued)
20" Twenty Custom Collection Metal Crash (discontinued)
20" 2002 Novo China

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Etienne is a drummer from The Netherlands. At the age of 18 he saw his cousin play on a local festival and fell in love with the drums. He then worked his ass of to buy his first drumkit and cymbals. Those first cymbals where the Paiste 101 set!! After getting really serious into drumming started playing in KinKobra and recorded a couple song with big time NL producer Oscar Holleman that produced serious band like Within Temptation. Played support for: Krezip(NL), Combichrist, The Pretty Reckless and Anathema and countless show in the coolest venues in the Benelux. After deciding to quit KinKobra Etienne started playing in Consumer Junk. A really cool mix of techno/dance with live rock/metal drums.

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    Sizes: 18", 20"
    Volume: Loud
    Weight: Medium

    Sound character: Very bright, slightly trashy, full, exotic. Wide range, complex mix. Fast, responsive, explosive crash, loud, clear defined bell. Very unique, versatile china for flexible application.

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