Eeli Savolainen


Eeli Savolainen


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April 2020


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Mikael Gabriel

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Eeli Savolainen (b. 1994) is a diverse musician from Helsinki, Finland. He is one of the most prominent and noticeable young drummers in Finnish music scene. He began playing drums at the very early years. He first began touring nationally at the age of 14. For the past few years he has worked as a full time professional musician. Over the years he has been working on the live performances of many Finland’s top artists. He’s doing also remote recording sessions. Eeli plays different styles of music with different drum kits. Currently he plays a lot hybrid drum kits consisting of acoustic and electronic sounds. As a trained musician and sound engineer he’s very accurate the sounds he’s playing and sets him apart from many others. That’s why Paiste is the perfect choice for him. A wide range of musical and solid quality cymbals for every situation. Eeli is currently working as the drummer and bandleader for Mikael Gabriel, who is one of Finland’s major artists. Another top artists he has worked with are Jannika B, Aleksanteri Hakaniemi, Sima and many others. A comprehensive experience of touring makes him a wanted live performer. Eeli is active in the drumming community in Finland. He is a member of the board of Drummers’ Association of Finland. Also he’s active on social media (Instagram) where he produces high quality content.