Donna Peters


Donna Peters


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January 2020

United Kingdom

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Brave Rival
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I was self taught from the age of 11 by playing to my favourite albums. I worked my way through a variety of function and cover bands alongside continuing my school and college studies, during which I completed 2 part-time courses in Intermediate Drumming at the commended Academy of Contemporary Music in Surrey during 1995. I had the privilege of studying with drumming greats such as Jim Chapin, Dom Famularo, Laurence Hall and Mark Richardson during guest lectures. In 2004 I was accepted onto the Degree course in Contemporary Popular Music at the Academy of Contemporary Music, where I again had the pleasure to study and work with some of the UK’s leading drummers including Pete Riley, Mike Sturgis, Bill Bruford, and Thomas Lang to name but a few. After 2 years of studying and gigging, I graduated with a BA (Hons) Degree. I spent 4 years as full-time drummer with Albany Down. I recorded their latest album ‘The Outer Reach’ which was released May 2016. I now enjoy a busy life drumming with British indie rock band Fuzzwalker, and UK blues rock band Brave Rival. Along with this, I have the diversity of being a freelance live and studio drummer. I pride myself on being a flexible, dynamic and solid at what I play. Being a freelance drummer means I get to play a variety of popular music styles of which I am very passionate about. This enables me to create fresh sounding drum tracks every time. My playing style is all about the feel and creating a great groove.

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    Sizes: 16", 18"
    Volume: Medium
    Weight: Medium

    Sound character: Fairly trashy, bright attack, low wash. Wide frequency range, fairly clean mix. Explosive response, fast fade. Size range allows everything from quick accents to complex ride playing.

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