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David Wasik


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November 1991

United States

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David Wasik


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Shared the drum chair in the house band at The Bitter End in Greenwich Village NYC with such drumming luminaries as Jonathan Mover and Van Romaine. Performed with The Mark Pender Band (Trumpet for Conan O’Brien) Played as a sideman with the legendary Mose Allison Played as a sideman with blues legend Poppa Chubby Has recorded for Viacom and many others as a studio musician for television. Created original soundscapes to accompany live production of Cyrano by the Laboratory Theater Group. Created solo percussion performance that was accompanied by dancers as a live show. Worked together with NYC percussion ensemble Mecca Bodega as a fill-in position. Is currently the house drummer at St.Thomas Aquinas Church in South Buffalo on Sunday mornings and holiday masses together w/music director Laura Taber. Is currently working as a Solo Percussion/Electronic Performer bridging the gap between live percussion and electronics.

Setup Cymbals

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    Sizes: 14"
    Volume: Soft
    Weight: Medium

    Sound character: Dark, dry, woody. Fairly wide range, complex mix. Soft, responsive feel. Full, warm, open sound. Loose, soggy chick sound. Perfectly suited for traditional swing patterns, but also well usable for other acoustic styles like Blues, Country, Soul or Gospel.

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