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March 2020


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Drummer, teacher, clinician, producer and product specialist. Living in Brasilia, Brazil, director and teacher at IDM, Drums school specialized in Rock and Heavy Metal, where studied more than 300 students since 2014. He developed his own methodology, which he can share his own experiences and advanced language in Rock/Metal music style, field which acts over 20 years. Besides, the IDM also offers all elementary studying (practical and theoretical) required to any drummer in graduation. In 2014 launches his new DVD, entitled “Metal Techniques”. The video class that is already on its 3rd CD pressing and can be found on the biggest stores in Brazil, demystify secrets of double bass and there are a number of exercises for resistance, speed and creativity. In 2019, Daniel launches in Los Angeles, in the world’s biggest music convention, NAMM, his first study method, the “52 weeks of double bass”. The method has nine chapters filled with more than 250 exercises, providing the student a fast, intelligent and efficient learning method to play double bass. Also in 2019, its first online course, “Double bass drumming” was launched, with great acceptance by the public of drummers in Brazil. As a clinician, Moscardini’s very representative in his field and already took his workshop/masterclass to many states in Brazil, always speaking about his experience as a drummer, playing his own songs and publicizing the brands that he represents. Through the years, Daniel has already recorded with many bands and Brazilian music artists, such as: Fleshpyre (Death Metal), Coral de Espíritos (Death Metal), Mortaes (Trash Metal), Lassus (Pop Rock), Mariana Camelo, (Rock), Hemera (Pop Rock) and HÄSS (Rock).