Dale W. Miller


Dale W. Miller


Paiste Artist Since
December 2006

United States

Main Affiliations
The Veldt


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„With an unlimited palette of colors, Paiste always has me covered.“


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Y33BA On Tour In Italy.jpg
Palomar-Bowery Ballroom.jpg
Y33BA On Tour In Italy.jpg


Dale W. Miller has been a drummer that has released records and has toured in as many as 15 countries with bands like The Veldt, Palomar, Atlantic/Pacific, J-Majesty, and Morricone Youth. None of the bands have made him rich, but they all have gotten him some pretty cool free garb and paid vacations in which all he had to do was play a show. He was once a runway model during NYC’s Fashion Week. Yes, that Fashion Week and he has pictures to prove it. He has epilepsy, but he has yet to have a seizure while on stage. A swimmer all his life, he now owns a swim school because almost every musician needs a day job when off the road. He currently holds the Guinness Book of World Record in the video game Fruit Ninja, seriously.

Setup Cymbals

  • Details

    Sizes: 20", 21", 22"
    Volume: Medium
    Weight: Medium

    Sound character: A fusion of darkness, energy, projection and brilliance. Very wide range, complex, musical mix. Responsive feel, extremely controllable. Woody, silvery, spanky ping over crunchy, thriving wash. Extremely versatile, flexible ride for wide ranging application in modern blended music styles. Mark I: Tends to be a bit quieter, darker and drier. This manifests itself in the overall sound character and in particular in the bell and ping sound.

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