Dakota Lovett

Dakota Lovett


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January 2010

United States

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An artist immersed in his craft, Dakota Lovett is quickly establishing himself as a notable figure within the drumming community. From the age of 7 when he obtained his first kit, he has fostered a continual rhythmic state of mind. Born in Baton Rouge, LA, but raised in Texas, Dakota spent the majority of his time developing his skills and eventually began playing in church full time at the age of 9. At the age of 10 he landed his first paid gig and continued to play steadily. Now at 17, he tours with country music artist Charla Corn, and since June 2009 has played for over 12,000 fans at esteemed venues such as Billy Bob’s Texas, Ranch Bash Music Festival, San Angelo Music Festival, and Texas Motor Speedway. He counts among his influences Jason Sutter, Josh Freese, Mitch Marine, Xavier Muriel, Rich Redmond, Ken Tondre, and Michael Kelton. Dakota explains “I wake up every day with intense hunger for playing drums. I cannot imagine what my life would be like without music. Simply stated, I bleed passion for drumming.” Dakota has shared the stage with artists including: Josh Turner, Charlie Robison, Ryan Bingham, Stoney LaRue, and Aaron Watson, and will continue racking up miles on the blacktop as he continues to tour with Charla in 2010 and beyond.

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