Cole Gilbert


Cole Gilbert


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August 2023

United States

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„I'm honored to be part of a legendary family, Paiste and punk just go hand in hand.“



Cole has been playing drums for bands for nearly a decade as a member of countless bands in the Bay Area/Santa Cruz hardcore punk, indie, and DIY scenes. As a dedicated member of his local scene, Cole has played and participated in countless local shows over the years. He toured as much as he could in his late teens and early twenties, while also trying to balance living on minimum wage jobs. With the formation of his current band Scowl in 2019, they toured three times in their first year as a band, only being stopped by the pandemic. Cole and Scowl came out of the gates swinging in the end of summer 2021, immediately returning to the road with a greater reception than the band has ever seen, as well as releasing the band's debut album, How Flowers Grow. Since the release of their first album, Cole and Scowl have been touring nonstop. They've been all across North America, Europe, and even as far as Australia, touring clubs and festivals alike, including Coachella, Reading and Leeds, and Roskilde. They've shared stages with the likes of The Descendants, Limp Bizkit, A Day To Remember, and countless other legendary acts, as well as received cosigns from acts such as Paramore, Fall Out Boy, and My Chemical Romance. Above all, Cole loves to see and conquer the world with his friends in bands like Sunami, Zulu, and Drain. Prior to Scowl becoming as busy as they are, Cole was also a founding member of the Bay Area hardcore punk outfit, Spy. He helped write and record all of the band's music released before their debut LP and only left the band in the summer of 2022. Cole uses he/they pronouns.

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