Iron Maiden

Clive Burr


Paiste Artist Since
January 1980

United Kingdom

Main Affiliation
Iron Maiden

Clive Burr


Cymbals listed from left to right

14" Formula 602 Classic Extra Heavy Hi-Hat (discontinued)
18" 2002 Medium
19" 2002 Medium (discontinued)
20" 2002 Medium
20" 2002 Heavy Ride
17" 2002 Medium (discontinued)
20" Sound Creation Dark Ride (discontinued)


08.03.1957- 12.03.2013 Clive Burr began getting into drums, when he was ten years old. He played in semi-professional bands working the London pub circuit until turning professional end of 1977 with the band Samson. At the end of 1979 he joined Iron Maiden and recorded the first three albums of the band. After his time with Iron Maiden, Burr played in the French group Trust, and briefly with the American band Alcatrazz. Burr was featured in the short-lived NWOBHM supergroup Gogmagog which also included ex-Iron Maiden vocalist Paul Di'Anno and future Maiden guitarist Janick Gers, ex Whitesnake bassist Neil Murray and ex Def Leppard guitarist Pete Willis. He also had a band known as Clive Burr's Escape (later known as Stratus), featuring former Praying Mantis members, which disbanded after releasing one album. Burr then joined Dee Snider in his post-Twisted Sister outfit Desperado, which was never fully realized due to a falling out with the band's record company. Burr performed with British bands Elixir and Praying Mantis in the 1990s and appears on the Praying Mantis 1996 live album "Captured Alive in Tokyo," but did not become a full member of either. Burr was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in the late 1990s. He died in his sleep four days after his 56th birthday, due to complications related to MS. Discography (excerpt): Iron Maiden "Iron Maiden" (1980) Iron Maiden "Killers" (1981) Iron Maiden "Maiden Japan" (1981) Iron Maiden "The Number of the Beast" (1982) Trust "Trust IV" (1983) Trust "Man's Trap" (1984) Stratus "Throwing Shapes" (1984) Gogmagog "I Will Be There" (EP; 1985) Elixir "Lethal Potion" (1990) Desperado "Bloodied But Unbowed" (1996, recorded in 1988) Praying Mantis "Captured Alive in Tokyo City" (1996) Elixir "Sovereign Remedy" (2004)

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