Chase Adams

Chase Adams


Paiste Artist Since
September 2023

United States


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„Paiste has always been the choice of top shelf players, it’s been said that the proof is in the pudding. With names like Bonham, Porcaro, Colaiuta, Jordan, Leim, Van Halen, I’d say the proof is in the PAISTE.“


Chase's musical journey started when he was just three years old, collaborating with his father Thurman in the field of music. He spent many years performing in church and later pursued music education at school, specializing in various genres like concert, symphonic, jazz, and marching percussion. Throughout his early years, he played a significant role in establishing the Indianapolis Colts Drumline and the Indiana Pacers "High Octane" Drumline, while also sharing his expertise with local high school drumlines and offering private lessons. Currently, at 33 years old, Chase is a skilled freelance drummer living in Nashville with his wife and son. He divides his time between touring with The Frontmen, entertaining audiences at local clubs, and making valuable contributions to recording sessions.