Butch Norton

Lucinda Williams

Butch Norton


Paiste Artist Since
May 1994

United States

Main Affiliation
Lucinda Williams

Other Affiliations
Tracy Chapman
Rufus Wainwright
Tracy Bonham


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„Butch played his first PAISTES in 1974. "it is indelibly etched in my mind and DNA the day i first played a pair of 2002 rock hats at the Guitar Center on Van Ness in San Francisco. That undeniable one of a kind paiste sound washed over me and that was it. I knew i would never play any other cymbal again until i was dead and burned into ashes." “


Butch Norton

Cymbals listed from left to right

14" Twenty Hi-Hat (discontinued)
20" Masters Dark Crash
21" Twenty Ride (discontinued)
30" Custom Gong Cymbal (Custom)

Cymbals listed from left to right

17" Formula 602 Classic Thin Crash
17" RUDE Crash/Ride
18" Paiste/Ludwig 1960s Crash (discontinued)
18" Signature Fast Crash
22" Signature Dark Energy Ride Mark II


Butch Norton is a drummer percussionist producer. He has been banging on the drums since he was five. That's a long ass time since he's really old now. His first touring recording gig started in 1990 with LOWEN and NAVARRO. In 1994 he met a man called E and they soon formed the band EELS. Butch is currently manning the drum chair for LUCINDA WILLIAMS (going on 14 years). For a more in depth and exhaustive bio (boring!) go to: WWW.BUTCHDRUMS.COM

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    Sizes: 20", 21", 22"
    Volume: Medium
    Weight: Medium

    Sound character: A fusion of darkness, energy, projection and brilliance. Very wide range, complex, musical mix. Responsive feel, extremely controllable. Woody, silvery, spanky ping over crunchy, thriving wash. Extremely versatile, flexible ride for wide ranging application in modern blended music styles. Mark II: Tends to be a bit livelier and brighter. This manifests itself in the overall sound character and in particular in the bell and ping sound. Mark II also has a bit more volume potential due to its more open character.

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  • Details

    Sizes: 16", 17", 18", 19", 20"
    Volume: Medium
    Weight: Light

    Sound character: Dark, warm, smoky. Medium wide range, complex mix. Buttery, soft feel with quick response. Rich, dark, mystical crash sound with tender clarity. Extremely lively cymbal for broad accents and crashes in intimate to semi-loud settings. Well suited for delicate ride patterns or mallet swells. «For those guys who really appreciate just having a cymbal that can do everything, the larger Dark Crashes can do anything. Very crash-able, and if you want to ride on them, they will give you all the ride patterns in the world.» - Gregory Hutchinson

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