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Bernd Kohn


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December 2008


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„I love how honest Paiste cymbals sound and I'm proud to be a part of the family.“


Cymbals listed from left to right

14" Formula 602 Modern Essentials Hi-Hat
14" Formula 602 Modern Essentials Crash (Custom)
20" Formula 602 Modern Essentials Ride
16" Formula 602 Modern Essentials Crash

Cymbals listed from left to right

14" Signature Dark Crisp Hi-Hat
14" Signature Full Crash
20" Twenty Ride (discontinued)
16" Signature Full Crash
10" Twenty Splash (discontinued)

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Currently touring with the German NDW Show – „Ich will Spass“ and working as a Studiomusician, Composer, Arranger on different projects. Many years in the studio and live business as a drummer, composer and arranger, a diploma from the University of Music for Education and Performing Arts (Frankfurt / Main) and a degree at the Berklee College of Music (Boston) make the multi-instrumentalist a specialist in Jazz, rock, pop and musical areas. "Everyone has heard it on some recording before. He's recorded hundreds of productions - back then long-playing recordsand lots of hit singles.” (from Sticks – Magazine Germany 04.2009) CREDITS (Excerpt) Boney M., Frank Farian, Peter Hoffmann, Chris de Burgh Band, Bobby Kimball, Michael Cretu, Thomas Anders, Reinhard Fendrich, Mungo Jerry, Carl Palmer, Reinhard Mey, Bill Ramsey, Duesenberg, Joachim Witt, Markus, Hubert Kah and many more….

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    Sizes: 14", 15"
    Volume: Medium
    Weight: Medium

    Sound character: Rich, warm, lush, deep. Wide range, complex mix. Giving and responsive feel. Broad, warm open sound. Compact, lush chick sound. Extremely versatile hi-hat, perfectly suited for dynamic, articulated playing in a wide range of styles. “They are just chunky enough, but not overpowering. They are a little more chocolaty than the classic 602s”, describes Vinnie Colaiuta.

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