Avi Sills

Naked Rhythm

Avi Sills


Paiste Artist Since
April 2000

United States

Main Affiliation
Naked Rhythm

Other Affiliations
Robert Downey Jr.
Yukiko Matsuyama
Omar Fadel


Avi Sills

Cymbals listed from left to right

12" PST 8 Reflector Cajon Hats (discontinued)
10" 2002 Splash
12" 2002 Splash

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Avi Sills- Los Angeles based Drummer / Percussionist / Producer, has worked with numerous artists Including: Naked Rhythm, Robert Downey Jr., Red Elvises, Stewart Copeland, Weezer, DJ Mark London & DJ Ravin (Buddah Bar). In the Studio, Avi has recorded Drums & Percussion for many TV, Film and Commercial projects, In addition to various artist’s albums. Featured on TV & Film projects: Charlie Wilsons War, Six String Samurai, Oprah Winfrey, Melrose Place, VH-1 Behind the Music, Penn & Teller, 90210, Melrose Place.

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