Angel Sanchez


Angel Sanchez


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October 2023

United States

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„PAISTE stands for fidelity in sound for me and it is an honor to be part of the PAISTE family to inspire others to play, like those PAISTE artists who profoundly inspired me.“


Angel Sanchez is a professional drummer, born in Fresnillo, Zacatecas, Mexico, who has been playing with ENJAMBRE since 2007. Angel’s interest in drums began at the early age of 8 after seeing his older brothers playing in a rock band, and he loved playing drums with them even though he wasn't old enough to be in the band yet. It became apparent he had a natural talent for it. When the Navejas brothers were vacationing in Fresnillo, they noticed Angel's ability to play and asked him to play in Enjambre. With no more resources than his beloved drum set, Angel traveled to California to start a successful career as a drummer with Enjambre, and still on. With Enjambre; Angel had performed in important festivals as headliners, in the US, Mexico, Spain and South America, such as Vive Latino, SXSW, Ruido Fest, Rock Al Parque, Quilmes Rock among others. Enjambre had had several successful tours through the years within the States and Latin America, with several sold outs in prestigious venues. Most recently, in September 2022 Enjambre sold out 5 Metropolitan Theatres in Mexico City, with a total attendance of over 16,000 fans. These shows were heralded, by many, as the best rock concerts of the year. Enjambre has obtained recognition in prestigious awards such as Lo Nuestro Awards and recognition of Southern California and Mexico, and recently honored in the Chamber of Deputies of Mexico City. Angel, in his pursuit of new creative endeavors, is trying to inspire others to play drums as well as dedicated his work to those drummers he admires.