Andy Barron


Andy Barron


Paiste Artist Since
July 2013

United Kingdom

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Other Affiliations
Moncef Genoud
Alfio Origlio
Daniel Mille

„Consistantly superb whilst retaining individual character“


Born in Doncaster, England. Andy Barron started playing with the ‘Doncaster Youth Jazz Orchestra' which appeared in the biggest European Jazz festivals (Montreux, Nice) along with Al Grey, Cat Anderson, and regularly nominated ‘best Youth band in the UK’. Andy was then chosen to play with Euro Jazz in 1981. Andy settled in London in 1984 where he recorded and performed jazz and popular music in all forms with artists such as : Ronnie Scott, Dominic Miller ( Sting’s guitarist) and Dave Heath (Iguazu), Mark King and Mike Lindup (Level 42) Nigel Kennedy (several tours and recordings in his Jazz quartets), Niels Hennings Pederson, Julia Fordham, Peoplespeak. London Contemporary Dance Theatre, Stan Sultzman, Kenny Wheeler and many others... Andy then moved to France and settled in Vienne where he met Jacques Helmus and Mario Stanchev .He collaborated in masterclasses and concerts with Rick Margitza, Kenny Werner, John Scofield, Pierre Jean Gaucher… For several years he played with the former ‘Rhone-Alps Jazz Big Band’. He has collaborated and performed with François Jeanneau, Antoine Hervé and Emmanuel Bex, Kenny Wheeler, John Taylor, Brian Bennet, Jacques Helmus and David Chevalier in ‘Touch’, Marcia Maria, Louis Winsberg, Alec Dankworth, Dave Lindup, Eric Lelann, J.L Chautemps, Alfio Origlio, Pierre Drevet, Alain Brunet, O.M.T, Jérôme Regard, Benoit Sourisse, Andy Sheppard, Eric Prost, Jean Charles Richard, Pascal Berne, La Forge, Olivier Hutman, Dimitri Naiditch, Denise King ,Christian Brun, John Surman, Chris Laurence, Gilda Solve, Claude Egea, Charito, Nicolas Folmer, Marc Thomas, Pierre Bertrand, Paris jazz big band, Scott Hamilton, David Linx, Sarah Lazarus, Daniel Mille, Moncef Genoud, Sylvain Beuf, Stefano Saccon, Wolfgang Muthspiel, Banz Oester, Thomas Bramerie, Laurent Vernerey, Grégoire Maret, James Zollar, Marc Berthoumieux, Robinson Khoury, Giovanni Mirabassi, Dominique Di Piazza, James Cammack, Manu Codja, Philippe Sellam, Gregory Porter, Didier Lockwood, Antonio Farao among many other fine musicians … And numerous recordings for TV, radio and cinema.