Alexandre Zuk


Paiste Artist Since
August 2014


Main Affiliations
Tony Carreira

Alexandre Zuk


Alexandre Zuk

Cymbals listed from left to right

14" Signature Dark Crisp Hi-Hat
8" Alpha Thin Splash (discontinued)
16" Signature Full Crash
20" Signature Full Ride
10" Alpha Thin Splash (discontinued)
18" Signature Full Crash
18" Alpha Medium Swiss Crash (discontinued)

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Alex Zuk was born in Caminha, Portugal on 13 June 1983, began to play at the age of 14 guitar, but switched to the drum set two years later. His main influences are Dave Weckl, Benny Greb, Aaron Spears, Anika Nilles, Mauros Ramos, Vicky Marques, etc. Alex studied with Vicky Marques, Mauro Ramos and Manuel Necas Felix. At the age of 18 he started a professional career in Portugal. In 2004 he started a collaboration with Portuguese singer Toy. Heavy touring and many tv appearances were following as well as a DVD recording at Coliseu dos Recreios Lisbon. In 2009 Alex performed with the Portuguese Golden Globe Awards Orchestra. His work as an independent drummer includes tours with various artists like: Alcoolémia, Tim Tim Pá Jazz Tá, The official tribute to Abba, Abba Gold (UK), KWR - Brian Adams Tribute, Rui de Luna, Akunamatata covers band, Telmo Miranda, Radiophone, Filipa Ruas, Adriano Correia de Oliveira Tribute, Beatshake, MAU, Gary Dourdan (CSI Las Vegas actor), Luckie Duckies, Gonzaga Coutinho, Joana Melo. Since 2014 Alex tours with Tony Carreira (World Music Award 2014 Best Portuguese Artist). Alex continues to play and record with various artists and he's working on his solo album, that is coming out soon.

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