Aaron Rosa


Aaron Rosa



Paiste Artist Since
August 2017

United States

Main Affiliation

„Having be a part of the Paiste family is really a dream come true. My favorite drummers of all time have used these cymbals as an extension of their voice in music and now I get to do the same.“


My name is Aaron Rosa, and I play in the band Palisades. I was born and raised in the great state of New Jersey, and it has had more influence over me musically then I knew. I Learned Afro-Cuban rhythm, East Indian, and American Jazz drumming techniques at a young age in middle school, all the while listening to My Chemical Romance and Led Zeppelin outside of it. My style is a controlled chaos of soul power. I've been in Palisades for five years and we have been touring internationally for four of them. Playing the Reading and Leeds festivals, Download Festival, Vans Warped Tour, and countless U.S and European tours we are constantly moving and building our fan base around the world. I'm very excited to share with everyone our music and passion for it and you can tell that at every show and on every record.