Drumming Fundamentals with Dimitri Fantini


| Episode 1 - Setting Up Your Drumset

We’re proud to present the new YouTube Series „Drumming Fundamentals with Dimitri Fantini“. Let’s get this show on the road with the first episode “Setting Up Your Drumset”.

Learn to set up your drumkit from the very first step! Paiste Artist Dimitri Fantini covers everything from pedal placement to snare and cymbal heights and more!


| Episode 2 - Playing Your First Beat On The Drums

Go over some of the finer details of playing the drums with power and confidence! In this video you'll learn how to play your first beat, and more importantly, learn how to make it sound GREAT.


| Episode 3 - Play Faster Fills

Playing around the kit takes more than you might think! In this episode Dimitri goes over the finer details of ergonomics, mechanics and movements you should know to get you playing fills faster, stronger, and steadier in no time.


| Episode 4 - Simple Practice Tips for Every Drummer

In this episode, Paiste-Artist Dimitri Fantini will walk you through some of the most important things to improve your efficiency when practicing the drums. Whether you've been playing drums for two months or 10 years, you'll find something here to help you get better at the drums, faster.


| Episode 5 - Make Speed Simple

Moment is behind everything we do on the drums. It's the key to orchestration, playing fast, playing slow, playings grooves, and so much more. This episode covers some exercises that will improve your consistency, stick control, accents, orchestration, and SPEED.


| Episode 6 - Make Your Drumming Dynamic

Dynamics are an easily overlooked subject when we are learning the drums... but just how important are they? In this episode, Dimitri discusses some essential tips that will help your drumming come ALIVE with dynamics and excitement!


| Episode 7 - Can You Tune A Cymbal?

There are an infinite number of ways you can modify your drums and cymbals to get the sound you're looking for! In this episode, Dimitri goes over some common and not so common methods you can use to add muffling, damping, or even that missing sizzle to your drums and cymbals.


| Episode 8 - Faster Feed In Three Minutes

Kick technique is an essential area of study for any drumset student ... in this episode, Dimitri Fantini gives a primer on some essential techniques you can use to improve your kick pedal playing. Then you can stomp away with confidence!


| Episode 9 - How to make your drums SOUND better

One of the hardest things to learn when you're starting to learn the drums is how to get a great sound out of your kit. There are so many options for drums and cymbals, and dozens of possible ways to hit them! This episode will get you started on how to play your drums to get a solid and great sound right out of the gate.


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