Sound Development

Sound Development is our R&D team, made up of members of the Paiste family, key production personnel, and experienced working drummers. Together these individuals from different backgrounds pool their knowledge and execute the search for new sounds.

We review feedback and input from drummers and percussionists across the world, and thus interpret and then formulate our understanding of sound needs. The resulting sound idea is then translated into likely production parameters and prototypes are made. These are reviewed and revised over and over until they match our understanding of the original sound idea. Prototypes will then be reviewed with Paiste artists who evaluate their usefulness and accuracy for the stated purpose. Further changes may be made until the final prototype is declared and becomes the master cymbal, of which several will be made to accompany the production process as models.

We also originate innovations through our own creative efforts. Through ongoing experimentation and pure research, we invent or discover new alloys, new instrument shapes, and new production methods.

Erik Paiste, Kaspar Rast, Stefan Odermatt, Arno Troxler